Hi All
I attended the ECF Agm, I was carrying 11 votes. The meeting started on time but was extended to 6.30pm because of the constant petty arguments. At times I lost the will to live and really did not enjoy the day, I left home at 8.00 am and got home after 11.00pm.

The main points from the meeting once again there were no accounts produced which is inexcusable nobody had been able to contact the director of finance it emerged he had been unwell. A new director of finance was elected and promised to get the accounts sorted out as soon as possable.He is going to do a lot of work with Jogn Philpot to make sure this does not happen again.

Next came the motion to mute Ray Edwards which was lost on a hand vote but members of the board pushed for a card vote which they won.I voted against the motion as i think it set a dangerous precident for candidates standing for election.

Next came the presidential vote i was not intending to vote for Roger[Cumbria instructed me to use there vote for him which i would have done]But i went with a open mind and listened to what Roger had to say on the day.He changed my mind and i voted for him which proved vital.Once more he won the hand vote but there was once more a card vote which Roger won by 10 votes so my change of mind was crucial.

next up was the vote for marketing and membership Adam Rhoof was not at the meeting and he did not provide a policy statement so i voted NOB for the reasons above and he was also not very good as Director of home chess he did no work and expected other people to do all the work.He did not help Lara in the running of the British champs so how was he going to be compitent to do a more difficult job.Plus here was his closeness to CJ.
The vote for Fide deligate was intresting to say the least Dave Anderton who was Nigels spokesman claimed Nigel never used bad language and he was not a masoganist[These points were raised by council i laughed out loud at Davids reply.The vote really came down to a vote against the current Fide president it was never a vote on the policys that Rupert was advocating i obv voted for Rupert.
Other issues to come out of the meeting the Racial discrimination case from Austria still rumbles on a parent is taking the ECF to the small claims courts and suing them for just under £5.000
The Ecf did a thorough investigation and talked to people who were at the event and said there was no case to answer.

The vote for director of Womens chess was rejected

There was no Acounts for the PIF so more work needs to be done to turn this part of the Ecf in to Charitable status and will be pursued.

Somebody has offered there services as Ceo but no name was given.

The county Championship proposals were defered till the meeting in April as there was no time
Opps i forgot to mention this
There was a vote to pursue Cj for the money back he claimed for his expenses as Nigels deputy at the Fide meeting.He only attended 1 meeting and basically spent the rest of the time on a paid holliday.How they will get the money back is open to question lol.

William Metcalfe
NCCU President