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ECF Management Board Meeting

10th January 2009

Briefing Paper

FIDE Issues

FIDE has announced that it only recognises Nation states. There is therefore no guarantee that England will have such recognition.

The new FIDE rule on zero tolerance for FIDE game attendance comes into force on 1/7/2009. The Presidential Board meeting in March will finalise this rule – either zero minutes or 15 minutes tolerance. Federations and players should write to FIDE to express their views. Leagues and Congresses should be able to continue without this rule as long as they are not run under FIDE rules.

Chess for Schools

9000 schools applied for sets. Sponsorship is required to continue the project with Holloid. 500 sets have been made which will now be sent to schools following a lottery draw. The ECF will now offer the schools chess sets at £3 a set (10 sets). The ECF needed £300k sponsorship for this. Rob Richmond said that no more than £25k should come from the ECF. A proposal to ask Council for £100k was not seconded.

2000 DVD/Books on chess training to be sent to Academies once set up. Andrew Martin to be asked to set up Academies. No one interested in setting up a project team to obtain chess sets.

British Championships

The manager appointed to run the British is Manuel Weeks. Other Vacancies were not taken up.

Strategic Planning

It was stated that The Strategic Plan, The Annual Business Plan and the Achievement Report needed to be produced in order to continue receiving the Government Grant.

DM Representatives

Cyril and Julie Johnson were appointed Direct Member reps. Sean Hewitt was appointed the Basic Member rep.

Information Commission Complaint

A photograph with names had been sent to the ECF and printed on the website and Chess Moves magazine. Parents complained that no permission had been granted ref: the data protection act. The ECF apologised and withdrew the photographs.



10k had been bequested to the BCF Youth Trust.

The ECF had £50k for various events this year, including the British Championship. (£30k is in the Legacies fund). Last year’s British Championship lost £7k. There was a proposal to increase Game fee from 48p to 50p, Basic Membership from £10.50 to £11, Standard Membership from £16 to £18 or £20. Full Members have complained that £46 was too high already. It remains to be seen whether these increases will be proposed at the April Council meeting, but it is highly likely. There was a proposal to scrap or slim down the ECF Yearbook. The International Director wanted £2500 on top of the £1500 for the European Individual Championship. Hastings Congress wanted £5000.

Finance was also needed for the 2009 International Correspondence Congress in Leeds and for Braille chess.

Eligibility to Play

The rules needed to be changed on residency and eligibility – these rules will be reviewed after 2009 British Championships.

There will be no free place or any place for the U18 Union Champions in the British Championships.


Rob Richmond wanted to be sent a list of NCCU members in order to calculate what money is owed.

The next meeting will take place in London on 7th March 2009.


George Horne

NCCU Treasurer