NCCU MO – 1st September 2011 to 31st August 2012

2011/12 NCCU MO Database – Updated 24/07/12

10/11 NCCU MO Database – 28th July 2011
09/10 NCCU MO Database – 4th May 2009
08/09 NCCU MO Database – 10th August 2009
07/08 NCCU MO Database – 15th August 2008

ECF NCCU MO (Membership Organisation) 2011-12

Membership of the ECF through the NCCU MO will begin on 1st Sept 2011 through to 31st August 2012.
Fees for Adults £13.00 and Juniors £8.50. Find below the NCCU MO forms for new players and renewals with change of address.

Could Clubs and individual players send all memberships through their County Membership Secretaries in the first instance.
Only in exceptional circumstances (or for Counties without a Membership Sec) send forms/fees direct to myself.

Note for Clubs and Membership Sec’s: The ECF is proposing to send membership cards to Sec’s instead of individual home addresses; if Clubs/County’s wish this to happen, please inform me of the Sec’s address.

Dave Cole
NCCU Membership Secretary

NOTE: Send all membership forms and renewals in the first instance to your County Membership Secretary:

Cumbria: SydCassidy[at]

Cheshire: patrick.ridley[at]

Durham: keithsmith[at]

Lancashire: worchess[at]

Merseyside: farleys[at]

Other details to be found in County links on the NCCU website.
If this information is not available please send to the NCCU Membership Secretary.
NCCU Membership Secretary
Dave Cole, 26 St Quentin’s Ave, Barrow LA13 9HB
Tel: 01229 811914 – Email: dave.cole[at]

1. NCCU MO forms 2011/12
2. ECF white forms

The white forms are included as an option for players to fill in to
become an ECF Direct member. – The only difference between this and
being a Basic member (under the NCCU MO) is that you must be a Direct
Member to enter FIDE rated events.
It is recognised that for players who are/were in an individual County
MO, they will have already filled in these ECF forms, so do not need to
do so again.

Please encourage players to be members and sign up.

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