NCCU County Championships 2008-2009



This season only the under 150 and 125 competitions are being played all play all - ie League Style.
The remaining competitions are to be played Jamboree style and as soon as confirmation  by Yorkshire is received, details will be circulated - The probable date is in February 2009.

The season's fixtures have been arranged for the 3rd weekends in November, January, February or March.

If both captains wish to play another date because of congresses etc, then please contact the controller for authority.  

Saturday or Sunday may be used by mutual agreement but SUNDAY IS THE DEFAULT.

Players should be ECF graded to play in all graded competitions.  If proof, that an ungraded player's strength is appropriate to the relevant competition, is given to the controller at least 7 days before a fixture, then the controller may give permission to play.  Please include the MO or ECF number against ALL player's names with all match results, which should be sent to the controller within 10 days.  

Please include the date-of-birth of all juniors.  Results will be published on the web site.

Open - Lancashire
U175 - Lancashire
U150 - Yorkshire
U125 - Yorkshire
U100 - Lancashire

Results of the NCCU County Championships showing 

known results  in the National stages.

July 2009




Lancashire 8 Yorkshire 4

 Lancashire won the NCCU Trophy and went on to the final of the National County Championship where they were beaten 7-5 by Yorkshire who took the title.


Lancashire 7 Yorkshire 5

Lancashire won the NCCU Trophy and went on to the final of the National County Championship where they were beaten 11-5 by Yorkshire who took the title.


Yorkshire 7 Lancashire 5

Cumbria 4 .5 Yorkshire 7.5

Lancashire 7 Cumbria 5

Yorkshire Won the NCCU County Championship with Lancashire runners-up.

Yorkshire went on to win the National County Championship beating Warwickshire 9.5 - 6.5


Yorkshire 8.5 Lancashire 3.5

Yorkshire took the NCCU County Championship. Lancashire went on to the Semi Finals where they were beaten by 6.5 - 9.5 by Kent.
Couldn't ascertain when Yorkshire went out.


Lancashire as the only entrants at the NCCU Stage win the NCCU Title.

They were invited to enter two teams in the National Stages and lost narrowly in the Quarter Finals to Surrey and Norfolk by 6.5 - 5.5 in both matches

Congratulations to Yorkshire for such a magnificent performance in the National Stages despite some hiccups in the NCCU Stages. (We hope to cure the hiccups in 2009-10).

Jim Moran NCCU County Controller July 2009

0151 928 5625