NCCU County Championships 2007-2008

This season's fixtures have been arranged for the 3rd weekends in October, November, January, February and March.

Teams must play on the weekend shown listed below. If both captains wish to play another date because of congresses etc then please contact the controller for authority. Saturday or Sunday by mutual agreement but SUNDAY IS THE DEFAULT.

Players should be ECF graded to play in all graded competitions. If proof, that an ungraded player's strength is appropriate to the relevant competition, is given to the Controller at least 7 days before a fixture, then the Controller may allow them to play. Please include the MO or ECF number against ALL player's names with all match results, which should be sent to the Controller within 10 days. Please include the date-of-birth of all juniors. Results will be published on the web site.

Open Lancashire
U175 Yorkshire
U150 Lancashire
U125 Cleveland
U100 Lancashire

13/14 Oct U125 Cleveland 10-1 Durham  
    Yorkshire 5-6 Lancashire  
    *Cheshire & NW   BYE  
    * C&NW Withdrawn      
Only 1 Entry
17/18 Nov Open Lancashire 8-8 Yorkshire Lancs Win on Board Count
27 Jan
  U150 Cumbria 4-7 Lancashire  
  U125 Yorkshire 4-8 Cleveland  
    Durham + Lancashire   BYE  
19/20 Jan U175 Yorkshire 8-7 Lancashire  
  U150 Lancashire 11-1 Yorkshire  
  U125 Lancashire 6-6 Cleveland  
    Yorkshire + Durham   BYE  
16/17 Feb U150 Yorkshire 10-2 Cumbria  
  U125 Durham 5-7 Yorkshire  
    Lancashire + Cleveland   BYE  
  U100 NO COMP      
16/17 Mar U125 Lancashire 12-0 Durham Durham Defaulted
    Cleveland + Yorkshire   BYE  
  U100 NO COMP      


For the National results and scores please see the ECF web site

Jim Moran NCCU Controller
0151 928 5625

Sep 07