NCCU Club Championships 2009-2010

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Draw + Results

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Below are the draws for the Major, Intermediate and Minor Sections.

The Major and Intermediate were just completely random draws except for keeping teams from the same county apart. With 9 teams in each then 2 have to play a preliminary round.

The Minor was somewhat more complicated to sort out as I was trying to introduce a repechage round that guarantees to as many teams as possible at least 2 matches (and an extra chance to progress). With 12 entries this was impossible to achieve entirely so I've used a layout that has previously worked. The gist is that 8 teams will play in the 1st round. This will produce for 4 winners who will go into the quarter finals and 4 losers who will play against the remaining 4 teams. The initial 8 teams comprise those 4 who were knocked out in the first round last year (and so didn't get their money's worth!) and 4 who are new to this section since last year. The remaining 4 (who therefore are not guaranteed more than one match if they lose) are ones who progressed last year or have won loads of money before! Best I could do - so hope that's acceptable. Apart from these criteria and keeping teams from the same county separate then there was a random draw.

The Minor is easier to follow on a spreadsheet so I'll send out another e-mail either later today or tomorrow (together with the contacts for each of the teams for all sections).

For the Preliminary Rounds and the 1st Round in the Minor if teams can play that as early as possible (rather then waiting until the last week in January) then that will give more time for the next round to be played. As the draw is given below then arrangements for the next match can then proceed straight away.

There will be a new draw for the Quarter Finals.

If there are any problems with meeting the schedule then can captains please let me know.

I'll send the draw and the updated rules (with the revised grading limits this year) to Steve Henderson to go on the website. I'll also send results to Steve so that the website can be kept up to date.

We have 3 entries for the Open Section so far (Atherton, Bradford and Heywood) - 1 more and we'll get that Section going (I'm working on it!).

Thank you and good luck!


Dave Farley
NCCU Club Championship Controller


Draw + Results 2009-2010

Open finished
1st Heywood
2nd Bradford
3rd Atherton.



Heywood have won the Minor after Austin Friers defaulted the agreed final

so positions
1/ Heywood.
2/ Austin Friers

Skelmersdale 2-2 Heywood

Four draws!!!
Heywood go through on lower overall grade:

D Stanfield - Harry Prager 134 135

M Higgins - Peter Edhouse 135 123

J Dilworth - Brian Parkin 119 114

J Reid - Dave Thorp 96 101
484 473

Based on last years grades as agreed. This means Heywood goes through
to final at Lancaster versus Austin Friars on Friday December 17th


Austin Friars 0.5-3.5 Heywood
141575L 161 Dave Siddall 0.5 v 0.5 Bill O'Rourke 163 176606F
163607J 142 Syd Cassidy 0 v 1 Lubo Socha 134 267996G
112594B 141 A Hiatt 0 v 1 Harry Praeger 133 186633D
121016G 135 B Wallace 0 v 1 Dave Almond 129 278458A

Latest state of play on last year's event (for most of you for information only but action for some)


Semi-Final - Bradford 3- Atherton

So Bradford will play Heywood in the final (at Heywood).

Bill and Ihor to arrange at a mutually convenient date.


Final - Atherton 3-1 Aigburth.

Congratulations to Atherton!


Semi-Final - Heywood 3-1 Rochdale.

So Heywood to play Austin Friars in the final (neutral venue if possible).

Bill and Syd to arrange the final at a mutually convenient date and, if possible, at a suitable intermediate location.


Semi-Final - Austin Friars 2-1 Waterloo A

So Austin Friars are in the final.

There has been a hold-up in the other half of the draw.

It is Skelmersdale v Heywood or Crusaders.

results so far have been - updated 02/03/10


Preliminary Round

Atticus v Heywood (Atticus default win)

Quarter Finals (to be played by the end of March)

Atticus v Austin Friars
Bradford v Atherton
Aigburth v Barrow
Wallasey v Rochdale


Preliminary Round

Rochdale 2 - 1 Windermere

Quarter Finals (to be played by the end of March)

Rochdale v Waterloo
Austin Friars v Atherton
Crusaders v Wallasey
Heywood v Morecambe


1st Round
A. Austin Friars v Crusaders (Crusaders win by default)
B. Lancaster 4 - 0 Knights B
C. Skelmersdale 3 - 1Penrith
D. Waterloo B 3 - Rochdale

Repechage Round (to be played by the end of February - now as soon as possible!)

E. Atherton v Austin Friars
F. Heywood v Knights B
G. Waterloo A 2 - 1 Penrith
H. Knights A v Rochdale

Quarter Finals (to be played by the end of March)

Atherton / Austin Friars v Lancaster
Heywood / Knights B v Crusaders
Waterloo A v Waterloo B
Knights A v Skelmersdale