NCCU Club Championships 2002-2003

OPEN - Preston 2 v Rochdale 1

MAJOR - Sheffield 1 v Wallasey 2

INTERMEDIATE - Hunts Cross 2 v Preston 2 (Hunts Cross win on board count)

MINOR - Chorley 3 v Waterloo A 1

The Open final took place on 21st May and resulted in a victory for Preston by 2-1 over the holders, Rochdale. Congratulations to Preston after being runners-up in the previous 2 years. 

The Major was won by Wallasey for the 4th time in a row. Sheffield were again the unlucky victims in a close match. Below are Andy Legge, the Wallasey Major Board 1 receiving the trophy from Bill O'Rourke, the NCCU Secretary, and then the Wallasey Team, with Captain Stef McLoughlin on the left.


Hunts Cross had a narrow board count victory against previous winners Preston. Here we have Steve Lee, the Hunts Cross Intermediate Captain, receiving the trophy and then the Hunts Cross Team.


Chorley and Waterloo played in the Minor final on 1st June and the winners were Chorley by 3-1 and they deserved their success after several years of trying.

Results  2002/03 OPEN

Q Final     Semi-Final     Final  
            21st May  
Burnley 2            
v     Burnley 1      
Waterloo 2   v     Preston 2
      Preston 3      
      Rochdale 2      
      v     Rochdale 1
      Elmwood 1      


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